Collapsible, Re-Deployable Shelter (CRS)

The Fastest Shelter Setup. Ever.
SEA BOX’s Collapsible Re-Deployable Shelters (CRSs) are the fastest and most easily transportable way to construct comfortable, sturdy, energy efficient buildings. Applications include military facilities, interim housing camps and disaster relief.

The lightweight, 1280 sq ft CRS complex (SB3893.7.CRS-4B4C) arrives folded flat, and is easily erected using a standard crane or forklift in under two hours. The complex consists of 4 inner units (SB3893.7.CRS-B) and 4 end-cap units (SB3893.7.CRS-C). Additional units can be added to expand the complex. A standalone single unit (SB3893.7.CRS-A) is also available.

Every CRS from SEA BOX comes equipped with insulated walls, lights and an electrical package. Collapsed shelters are stacked easily for transport and will go anywhere by road, rail, land, or sea, and they also fit inside a C-130 cargo plane!

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