Company Overview

SEA BOX, Inc. sells and leases new and used ISO shipping containers, cargo containers, mobile storage containers, and refrigerated containers for scores of applications and diverse customer base which stretches world-wide. With 29 years in the industry, SEA BOX is a multi-million dollar company with a comprehensive equipment fleet and an experienced design team.

As a general rule, ISO shipping containers are available in 20' and 40' sized and are made of steel or aluminum. However, other container sizes are available through SEA BOX and alternative materials are also obtainable. We have all container types in our nationwide stock, including ISO containers, dry freight containers, refrigerated containers, insulated containers, open top containers, flat racks, tank containers and other related equipment.

Custom modifications to shipping containers, refrigerated containers, portable storage units, connex boxes and various other mobile storage containers are our specialty at SEA BOX. Personnel doors, windows, lights, vents, paint, and decals are all common requests, but we also perform more specific customization. For example, General Electric needed 20' portable storage containers customized with an elaborate cabinet and storage system for tools and supplies used in performing maintenance at nuclear power plants across the United States. Besides shipping and mobile storage containers, we have also built telecommunication shelters, generator stations and water purification stations for our customers. All of which have an ISO footprint to gain the benefits of economical intermodal transportation.

At SEA BOX, our client base runs from the "folks next door" to Fortune 500 corporations. We service all of our clients equally and have built our reputation on meticulous attention to detail and hands-on relationships with our customers. Call us today with your container needs such as portable storage, connex boxes, milvans, quadcons, tricons, bicons, refrigerated containers or regarding rental containers.

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