Military Containers

SEA BOX is your primary source for the most innovative shipping and shelter milvans for the military's rapid deployment requirements. Our customer list includes all branches of the armed services and many defense contractors.

We manufacture various types and sizes of ISO shipping milvans, including a unique range of mini containers [Bicons, Tricons, and Quadcons] together with pallets, custom inserts, and storage systems.

In addition to the integration of EMI/RFI requirements, we feature: electronic and telecommunication equipment, power generation, water purification, emergency medical operations, personnel support facilities, military mission modules, command and control centers and emergency preparedness modules.

By utilizing the Intermodal Concept, your unique and individualized milvans are ready to be shipped anywhere in the world, and you can be sure that when it gets there, it will be a safe and secure shelter for your product. Just plug it in and start!