After Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, Sea Box, a storage container manufacturer, provided businesses, including manufacturers, with a variety of intermodal shipping containers... Click below to read more...
Temporary Building Maker Step In To Get Post-Disaster Operations Going

Already reaching parts of the world such as Europe and Australia, the corporation known for selling and leasing new and used shipping and cargo containers will venture into the Chilean capital of Santiago. Click below to read more... Article - Cinnaminson firm Sea Box promotes shipping containers as emergency housing Click below to read more...
Sea Box Emergency Housing

Sea Box Inc. has received a multi-million dollar GSA contract... Click below to read more...
Hygiene System Press Release

For 28 years, Brennan's Sea Box Inc., in Cinnaminson, has been demonstrating with astonishing creativity the many uses for shipping containers... Click below to read more...
Courier Post Article

SEA BOX's new corporate headquarters has won a MAME architectural design award. Click below to read more...
Courier Post Article

If New York is flooded by a hurricane, we can supply completely furnished homes for 300,000 people, including dishes and towels. Click below to read more...
Courier Post Article

SEA BOX is being honored in the SBA 100 for adding more than 100 employees since working with the agency. Click below to read more...
Cinnaminson firm recognized by SBA for its rapid growth

SEA BOX has been named the company of the year by the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia! "We love what we do here at Sea Box," says Jim Brennan, " Click below to read more...
World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia

From its humble beginnings in 1983 with Jim Brennan as its sole employee, the company today has more than 184 employees and more than $105 million in annual sales. In addition to...
U.S. Small Business Administration

SEA BOX, Inc., the leading supplier of military and specially-designed containers, has completed the purchase of a 378,000 square foot facility located on 51 acres in East Riverton, New Jersey. This facility will be the new world headquarters for SEA BOX, Inc.

"A company that started 24 years ago with the sale of one shipping container has grown into a major U.S. defense contractor. Learn how New Jersey-based SEA BOX, Inc., became a Pentagon powerhouse."
Industry Today, Vol:10 | Issue:3

SEA BOX, Inc. has sent a container filled with relief supplies -- including their ShelterPak for converting the container box into habitable housing -- to Haiti.

"I would like to congratulate SEA BOX, Inc. on its recent expansion and its excellent work in supplying our great country's military and shipping industry."
Letter from Senator Menendez

"Now employing over 150 workers, your expertise in designing and manufacturing ISO cargo containers and flat racks has allowed for SEA BOX's impressive development and accomplishments. "
Letter from Senator Lautenberg

Business Expansion Award - "SEA BOX, Inc. is a prime example of a company that has been moving aggressively and successfully forward into the head winds of the fiscal storm that has wracked so many businesses in recent months. For its efforts, SEA BOX is doing well and poised to do even better. Owner Jim Brennan and his wife Maureen started SEA BOX in their home 27 years ago. Today the company, which makes and modifies shipping containers for military and industrial uses, has grown to 184 employees, having moved just this past year to a sprawling 51-acre site in Cinnaminson where, of course, the company will continue to grow and prosper. SEA BOX has offices and/or operations in five other locations, including China and Australia -- but Burlington County is proud to be home to its new world headquarters."
Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester County Boards of Chosen Freeholders
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