Sea Box Enhanced Container System and Storage Modules


Sea Box Enhanced Container System and Storage Modules
Sea Box now offer containers that feature removable storage modules. These drawer and shelf modules provide a way to effectively use containers for transport and storage of small, medium and large sized parts, tools, supplies and other materials that my be needed in the field.

Sea Box storage modules are secured in the container with Adaptor Plates and can be used in Quadcon, Tricon, Bicon and 20' containers.

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Expandable Bicon Shelter Hygiene System


Expandable Hygiene System
Fully containerized hygiene system that are completely mobile, deployable and able to rapidly pack up for transport, storage and redeployment anywhere in the world.

Each intermodal deployment hygiene system consists of two shower containers, two latrine containers and a full connectivity kit with storage container that allows the system's electric and plumbing to be easily connected to the military's current utility system.

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Collapsible ReDeployable Shelter


The Fastest Shelter Setup. Ever.
SEA BOX’s Collapsible Deployable Shelters (CDSs) are the fastest and most easily transportable way to construct comfortable, sturdy, energy efficient buildings. Applications include military facilities, interim housing camps and disaster relief.

The lightweight, 1280 sq ft CDS complex (SB3893.7.CDS-4B4C) arrives folded flat, and is easily erected using a standard crane or forklift in under two hours.

Every CDS from SEA BOX comes equipped with insulated walls, lights and an electrical package. Collapsed shelters are stacked easily for transport and will go anywhere by road, rail, land, or sea, and they also fit inside a C-130 cargo plane!

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Containerized Housing Units


Containerized Housing Units (CHUs) were designed to be fully self-contained single or double accommodation units. These secure, durable units contain Air Conditioning, a bar fridge, LCD/DVD combo, and 3-fixture bath as standard equipment. They require minimal on-site setup and preparation, and are easily transportable via road, rail, or sea.

SEA BOX, Inc's CHUs are designed in standard 20ft cargo containers.

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ShelterPAK© was created to transform a basic freight container into a usable, insulated space, at low cost, and with minimum technical support.

SEA BOX, Inc's ShelterPAKs are designed in standard 20ft or 40ft cargo containers.

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