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Our History

SEA BOX, Inc. is a U.S. small business established in 1983 by Jim Brennan Jr., specializing in new design, modification and manufacture of ISO containers for commercial and military applications. The company expanded in the 1980’s by expanding their partnership with the U.S. military and starting a domestic container storage and leasing business. SEA BOX, Inc.'s corporate office and 400,000 square foot manufacturing plant is located in East Riverton, New Jersey. SEA BOX, Inc. has a second 250,000 square foot production facility located in Hillsborough, New Jersey that has an exclusive agreement to manufacture ISO containers. SEA BOX, Inc. also maintains an international presence with locations in Asia, South America, Australia and Europe.

SEA BOX, Inc. has modified containers for scores of applications such as personnel shelters, power generating stations, large computer data centers, interim housing units, mobile latrine-toilet-shower shelters, Coast Guard approved berthing vans, portable laboratories and workshops. SEA BOX, Inc. has an ISO 9001:2015 certification for design, manufacturing, engineering solutions, support, sales, rental and modification/ customizing of cargo containers and container-based shelters, as well as reputation of providing outstanding customer service.

SEA BOX, Inc. also has a full service machining and tooling business, called "The Inventors Shop," located just down the road to the main SEA BOX facility in East Riverton, New Jersey.

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The Inventors Shop is a 40-year-old precision machining and manufacturing facility that serves clients in the manufacturing industry and serves as a center to nurture new ideas and create innovative products for the ISO container industry. With the recent purchase of a 10-foot Gantry machining center and 10-foot water jet capabilities, The Inventors Shop has enhanced its ability to manufacture the inventions of tomorrow.

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SEA BOX offers a full range of container purchasing and leasing options for a variety of applications.