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SEA BOX utilizes their expertise in container design and manufacturing to provide a versatile selection of Personnel, Equipment and Expeditionary Shelters for commercial or military functions.   These portable structures can be fitted with energy-efficient insulated walls and ceilings, full electrical and lighting systems, plumbing and ventilation systems, environmental control units, and other interior and exterior enhancements such as personnel doors and windows, onboard generators and solar-panel platforms for virtually unlimited applications!

Unlimited Potential Applications

  • Mobile Machine Shops, Workshops, Armories and Weapons Repair Shops
  • Interim Housing or Military Barracks
  • Insulated, Climate-controlled Standard or Expandable Office and Command Centers
  • Hygiene Systems with Shower and Latrine Facilities
  • Reconfigurable Armored Tactical Personnel and Collective Training Shelters
  • EMI Radar Shelters
  • Medical Shelters
  • Equipment Shelters such as Water Purification and Power Generation Systems
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Containerized Shelters

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SEA BOX offers a full range of container purchasing and leasing options for a variety of applications.