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SEA BOX utilizes their expertise in container design and manufacturing to provide a versatile selection of Personnel, Equipment and Expeditionary Shelters for commercial or military functions.   These portable structures can be fitted with energy-efficient insulated walls and ceilings, full electrical and lighting systems, plumbing and ventilation systems, environmental control units, and other interior and exterior enhancements such as personnel doors and windows, on-board generators and solar-panel platforms for virtually unlimited applications!

Unlimited Potential Applications

  • Mobile Machine Shops, Workshops, Armories and Weapons Repair Shops
  • Interim Housing or Military Barracks
  • Insulated, Climate-controlled Standard or Expandable Office and Command Centers
  • Hygiene Systems with Shower and Latrine Facilities
  • Reconfigurable Armored Tactical Personnel and Collective Training Shelters
  • EMI Radar Shelters
  • Medical Shelters
  • Equipment Shelters such as Water Purification and Power Generation Systems
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Containerized Shelters

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SEA BOX offers a full range of container purchasing and leasing options for a variety of applications.