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Testing and Certification Services

A world-class Intermodal Test Center (ITC) is located on the property of SEA BOX headquarters in East Riverton, NJ. This indoor facility has up-to-date test fixtures and instruments and is staffed by experienced test engineers. It is used to verify design specifications and perform the physical tests needed to certify that standard and special containers and shelters are in compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) requirements.

In addition, ITC has the capacity to perform additional tests for compliance with commercial and military specifications (drop tests, water testing, etc.). It can also accommodate purpose -built units of dimensions different than the standard.

ITC operates as an independent and a separate entity from SEA BOX, to maintain objectivity and confidentiality. It provides services to SEA BOX as well as to other interested parties to test and certify containers and shelters.

ITC engages services of Container Certification & Testing (CCT) to witness tests, record data, validate conformance and certify for ISO and CSC. CCT provides this service under the Delegated Approval Authority of US Coast Guard. Parties interested in using Intermodal Test Center for their needs to test and certify may, however, nominate other certifying agencies of their choice.

Contact CCT or SEA BOX on inquires to test and/or certify containers or shelters.

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