SEA BOX | Manufacturing


SEA BOX is the leading United States based small business manufacturer of ISO containers.   We build quality products on-time, using the best materials and state-of-the-art production methods. 

SEA BOX has the necessary manufacturing capacity to weld, fabricate, clean, paint, and finish all types of containers and intermodal equipment and has the resources to dedicate a team of craftsmen capable of completing the required tasks. SEA BOX employs 200 people and has four locations in New Jersey including our 51 acre corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing facility in East Riverton which has 400,000 square feet of production space. SEA BOX also has a precision machining facility knows as The Inventors Shop which can manufacture any component needed for your modification project.

Our New Jersey manufacturing plants are lead by a team of experienced project managers and supported by a staff of licensed electricians, expert fabricators, HVAC and plumbing production specialists, equipment operators and more than 25 certified welders qualified in MIG, TIG and stick welding systems.   

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SEA BOX offers a full range of container purchasing and leasing options for a variety of applications.