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American Wave Machines, founded by former Sea Box designer Bruce McFarland, is on the forefront of artificial wave making technology. 

Bruce McFarland came to Sea Box in 1999 with creativity and engineering know how. When he approached Jim Brennan, Sea Box’s CEO, with the idea of prototyping a mobile wave machine, Jim jumped on it.  How could he not??  Bruce was asking Jim to literally build a “SEA--BOX”!  The two worked together implementing Bruce’s wave making technology with Jim’s innate understanding of everything shipping container.  In a short period time, 8 highly modified containers were assembled together, filled with water, and “turned on”.  Within minutes, local New Jersey surfers were riding waves in a parking lot over an hour from the closest beach! 

#AmericanWaveMachinesInc was catapulted from concept into reality.  Bruce went on to accumulate a dozen US patents over the years.  Along with those patents came two major wave-riding systems.  The first was based on the original Sea Box prototype and was dubbed the “SurfStream”. It is a standing wave which mimics surfing the Waimea Rivermouth in Oahu.  The second is the newly introduced “PerfectSwell”.  This new technology is a game changer.  It simulates actual ocean dynamics in a man-made lake.  

Now that surfing is an official Olympic sport, the timing couldn’t have been better for Bruce to unveil the PerfectSwell.  As a testament to his hardwork, #USsurfTeam will be training for the #Tokyo2020 Olympics riding his PerfectSwell technology at the #BSRSurfResort in Waco Texas! 

Congratulations and Great job Bruce!

For modifications big and small – Sea Box Inc has the experience to attain exceptional results to exacting standards.  

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