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“Clean… Modular… Energy Efficient… Beautiful”

Call it a movement or even a revolution; just don’t call it a fad, because that simply is not true.  Companies like Cocoon9, its contemporaries, and their innovative manufacturing partners like Sea Box Inc. will continue to push the needle on creative habitable design.

Construction utilizing containers has been evolving for several years. Early adopters of containerized buildings have included, among others, environmentalists interested in adaptive reuse and entrepreneurs seeking economies of scale. Modified containers along with other offsite and modular building systems are approaching an inflection point.  

Changes to construction techniques and delivery methods are being driven by a global acceptance and desire for efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.  Furthermore, transitioning workforce dynamics and improvements in technology are hastening the momentum towards new and better construction methods.  

Enter the Cocoon9 by Sea Box.  Each Cocoon9 habitat is manufactured to the highest standards within a controlled setting. This eliminates many of the inefficiencies and quality control issues inherent with onsite construction.  It leverages the same positive attributes of other modular systems, including predictability and waste reduction.  In addition, by utilizing shipping container technology, the Cocoon9 adds portability and durability to its sustainable benefits list.

To this end, Sea Box has developed and sought evaluation by the International Code Council (ICC) for its Containerized Construction Element (CCE) to specifically address a growing demand to utilize containers as a modular building element. Now building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, designers and others can employ Sea Box’s ICC-ES ESR-4082 as a basis for utilizing or approving containers (Sea Box CCEs) in construction projects under the International Building Code.

When the economics of a market align with a widely shared emotional consensus of that market, a tangible opportunity for transformational growth is imminent.  This is the future of construction and this is the future that Sea Box is investing in!

For modifications big and small – Sea Box Inc. has the experience to attain exceptional results to exacting standards. For more information check out our website – or contact our sales team at 856-303-1101.

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