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Helping Provide a Cleaner and More Reliable Power Distribution System…  Today!

Since a famous kite flying experiment in 1752 by a notable and prodigious Founding Father – we have sought, not just a means for harnessing electrical power but also effective methods for storing it. 

Innovation has yet to deliver unlimited clean energy to meet society’s exponential growth in demand.  While we await the great minds at organizations like #LockheedMartin to announce infinite energy, many more industry leaders are working towards providing interim solutions.  These interim solutions are extremely important not only to stem shortages but also to ensure the future of innovation. 

Energy storage at a grid level provides substantial benefits to both end users and society as a whole.  Specifically, large-scale energy storage promotes distribution efficiency, reduced emissions, lower prices, and increased reliability.

The versatile nature and practicality of an ISO shipping container translates seamlessly as a battery storage enclosure.  Our team of engineers, project managers, and fabricators are committed to providing our battery partners with the best support their endeavors require.  We look forward to our part in tackling the challenge of a cleaner and more reliable power distribution system for years to come. 

For modifications big and small – Sea Box Inc has the experience to attain exceptional results to exacting standards.  

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