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What does Sea Box have in common with Crock Pot, Band-Aid, Jacuzzi, Formica, Kleenex, Tupperware, Velcro,and Dumpster??? 

These are all trademarked names so widely accepted within their respective industries that they are often used in place of an actual product.  They become the “thing”. 

Your son scrapes his knee, you don’t reach for an “adhesive bandage”, you grab a Band-Aid.  Your house guest sneezes, you may offer a “tissue” but you’re also very likely to offer her a Kleenex.  Bringing leftovers to the office?? –Are you going to pack it in a “reusable plastic storage container”??  Nah, just seal them in a Tupperware with your name on it.

We often receive solicitations for a twenty or forty foot “seabox”.  This is great because our prospective client already knows us just by the virtue of our name.  Brand awareness at this level is exciting and humbling, but sometimes it can be confusing. 

Conversations typically start like this, “You guys build those shipping containers – those “sea boxes” right?  Yes we do! But we are so much more than box builders.  

So what do we really do? 

We solve problems, problems that typically require a solution that fits neatly within a box.  Some solutions are ordinary, others extraordinary, many complex.  All are driven by a passion for everything shipping containers.  Chances are, if a problem is broad enough we’ll figure out a creative way to use shipping containers to solve it! Additionally, 35 years undertaking challenging projects has provided numerous opportunities to expand our offerings through innovation.  Sea Box’s product range now includes many related, complimentary, and enhanced items as well as typical shipping containers.

So, Sea Box as a “thing” isn’t an entirely accurate portrayal.  Do we build boxes? – Yup.  Are we boxes? Eh… Let’s just say we’re whatever you need us to be… as long as what you need is a box – kind of!!

For modifications big and small – Sea Box Inc has the experience to attain exceptional results to exacting standards.  For more information check out our website – www.seabox.comor contact a container expert today at 856-303-1101.

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Andrew Salerno, Director of Marketing
1 SEA BOX Drive
East Riverton, NJ 08077-2022
P: 856-303-1101


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