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PRESS RELEASE: Sea Box Successful-Containers Removed From Tariff List

East Riverton, New Jersey – Sea Box, Inc. Successfully Testifies at Hearings in Washington, DC for Removal of Shipping and Cargo Containers (HTS 8609.00.0000) from the List of Items to be Assessed a New 25% Tariff by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR).

Recognizing the potential impact of new tariffs on American interests, the USTR held public hearings giving interested commercial firms and organizations a platform to argue objections to a proposed 25% import tax on 284 separate categories of goods before the list was finalized.  On behalf of the USTR, a Committee comprised of trade management officials from five federal agencies received arguments and comments during three days of testimony at the recent July hearings. 

Robert Farber, Sea Box’s Director of Contracts and Counsel, and six other container industry representatives were successful in convincing the Committee to remove shipping and cargo containers from the final list.   This was truly a "Win" for the entire container industry, since it was one of only five categories of goods under scrutiny to be successfully removed from the final list, thus avoiding the new 25% tariff burden. 

Sea Box's remarks to the Committee were unique in arguing that a new 25% tariff, if imposed, would have necessitated proportionately higher costs for containers and complex modified containers sold to the United States Armed Forces, a significant customer of such products.   In such cases, tariffs collected into the Treasury would have been soon thereafter paid out by the Treasury as part of inherently higher container prices, thus yielding absolutely no benefit to the Government.

Sea Box, Inc. is a small business manufacturer and supplier of ISO containers, modified containers, personnel and equipment shelters and containerized housing to the United States Government and commercial and other government entities both here and abroad, operating four facilities in New Jersey where it is headquartered.  Sea Box's products continue to proudly support U.S. Warfighters in the Afghanistan and Iraq war zones and throughout the world.         

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